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Kay’s professionalism and winning personality inspire trust – from clients, the media and other business associates…Kay produces results.”

Virginia Stuart

"Working with Kay Pinkerton can best be described as wonderful. Not only does she possess a depth and breadth of communications and industry knowledge, but she is a thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and kind person. I have gained new information and insight from every interaction with Kay..."

Michelle Tanner

"Kay is an excellent professional to work with – on all facets. Conceptually, framing issues, implementation and all other aspects. Plus she is a delight to work with always. If you want to have fun and have top notch stuff produced, make Kay your first choice." 

Tom Sweeney

"There are a few things any really successful media relations practitioner has to master, and Kay has. She knows how the business works... She knows how to earn trust and maintain relationships, internally on the client side and externally with reporters and writers. She stays on top of the... details required to put sources and writers together. She leads when  necessary and listens when required."

Gary Kim

“Kay brings a true, innate creativity and curiosity to bear, which is supported by disciplined, logical thinking, solid writing, good research skills and an overall professional manner.”

Karla Neely

"Under the most difficult circumstances, Kay…ensured the marketing project, for a commercial banker, was of high quality and completed on time."

Richard Dailey

"Kay is one of the brightest, best read individuals I have ever met. Her knowledge of public exceptional. Kay is great with people, graceful but assured and one of the most professional people you will ever meet. The connections she has helped me make are incredibly valuable."

Paul Maynard

"Kay is a very talented and intelligent public relations professional who takes the time to thoroughly research and understand her clients' businesses, products, markets and customers –she leaves no stone unturned. She has a very strong work develop an effective strategy that achieves desired results. I enjoyed working with Kay and...appreciated her advice on behalf of my clients."

Scott Tims

“Kay is a strategic thinker, self-starter, terrific writer and adaptable. She is that rare individual who is not only creative and thoughtful, but also detail-oriented and well organized. She…can handle almost anything that is thrown at her!

Allison Griffin

“Kay is an excellent PR professional…She’s always willing to pitch in wherever needed, and she brings an excellent work ethic, professional skill and sense of humor to any task.”

Daniel Smith

"She is, undoubtedly, an outstanding educator and public relations professional."

Dr. Luis Lopez Preciado

“Kay excelled in the classroom…her considerable experience in public relations and strategic communication informed her teaching.”

Dr. Thomas B. Christie

"...She far exceeded my expectations for graduate work; I am confident she will succeed as a professional member of any organization..."

Dr. Paul Schrodt